The effects of electronic waste

These could cause an increase in pollution or destructionof the environment. Reused bag may be contaminated by materials harmful to human health. Take the creation of a desktop computer for example.

And once an animal or plant is gone, it can never come back. Regionally, in Africa E-Terra, a Nigerian company, specializes in recycling, and safe and ethical destruction of these electronics.

Polyvinyl chloride— When PVC components of electronic products are sent to landfills, hazardous chemical additives like phthalates release into air.

Nuclear power plants do require huge amounts of water to cool their reactors. After the electronic waste is transported over to China, the electronics are dumped in the town where it litters the streets and poisons the residents.

Surface water, in particular, is affected by the chemical processes used to extract precious metals like gold from electronic devices. The effects of improper disposal of this E-waste on the environment are little known; these impacts nonetheless pose very real threats and dangers to the global environment at large.

So, now that we have an idea of what impact improper disposal of E-waste has on the environment, how do we dispose these E-waste properly to help preserve the environment?

Short term exposure to fine particles is often linked with eye irritation, asthma attacks, and acute bronchitis while long term exposure can result in reduced lung function, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and a wide range of systemic problems that extend well behind compromised respiratory health.

Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Waste and RecyclingConditions and Diseases There are several health issues associated with the toxins found in the electronic waste generated by obsolete computers and other electronic equipment.

The impact of e-waste on water: Impacts of E-waste on the environment E-waste, or electronic waste, is waste from all sorts of electronics ranging from computers and mobile phones, to household electronics such as food processors, pressure, cookers etc.

To protect the environment, the water must be cooled before it is released. Where does e-waste go? Water How does e-waste contaminate water?

Cleaning Up Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

The polyethene articles e. Dismantling can also release large, coarse particles into the air, which due to their size and weight, quickly re-deposit to the ground and subsequently contaminate soil.

All the toxics will not only affect our humans, but will also show deadly affect on flora and fauna. Some of these heavy metals are also carcinogenic. Information Security In addition to being a risk to the environment, e-waste also poses a potential security threat to both individuals and businesses.

For more details click on DNF Recycling web page. How does e-waste affect the environment?

Impacts of E-Waste on the environment

With the use of a certified E-waste recycler, one can find an ethical and safe recycler certified through the Basel Action Network BANa non-profit organization.

In earlyBest Buy stores nationwide collected nearly pounds of recyclable electronics every minute. As technology has continued to advance, so has the amount of e-waste being produced globally with nearly 41 million tons of electronics being tossed each year.

This has led to environmental risks from the internal components of discarded electronics, specifically heavy metals.

What are the harmful effects of science on the environment?

There are even more people who submit themselves to dangerous and grueling work for a demeaning wage, as it may be the only work available. For example, in fish, ingestion of mercury readily leads to neurological damage, permanent disabilities and damage to the immune system.

However, primitive recycling techniques such as burning cables for retaining the inherent copper expose both adult and child workers as well as their families to a range of hazardous substances. What are the harmful effects of industrialisation on the environment?

These dangers posed by improper disposal on the environment ultimately have impacts on human beings -human cost; the health effects of these toxins on humans include birth defects irreversiblebrain, heart, liver, kidney and skeletal system damage.Harmful Effects Harmful Effects Caused by Improper Computer & Electronic Waste Recycling.

Electronic waste affects nearly every system in the human body because they contain a plethora of toxic components including Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Polybrominated Flame Retardants, Barium and Lithium. Impacts of WEEE (e-waste) Despite making up only 2% of the trash in landfills, e-waste accounts for nearly 70% of the toxic heavy metals in these landfills.

Cleaning Up Electronic Waste (E-Waste) For example, there are problems with open-air burning and acid baths being used to recover valuable materials from electronic components, which expose workers to harmful substances.

The Human and Environmental Effects of E-Waste

cadmium and arsenic, which can lead to irreversible health effects, including cancers, miscarriages, neurological. It is estimated that by the yeardomestic TV e-waste is going to double, e-waste from computers will be increased 5 times over, and cellular phone e-waste will increase 18 times over.

The recycling practices of the informal sector magnify the risks to human health. With the usage of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) on the rise, the amount of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) produced each day is equally growing enormously around the globe.

Impacts of E-Waste on the environment

Recycling of valuable elements contained in e-waste such as copper and gold has become a source of income.

Harmful Effects Electronic waste affects nearly every system in the human body because they contain a plethora of toxic components including Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Polybrominated Flame Retardants, Barium and Lithium.

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The effects of electronic waste
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